Finally, a treatment that has reduced my spots and scars!

Do you feel like you’re constantly battling against spots/open pores/scars? I’ve struggled with my skin for so long now. Feeling anxious or stressed makes it a whole lot worse and so tackling the stress has been my first aim – you may remember my post from last year about my dermatitis? I have managed to reduce my stress through meditation and exercise over the past year, so my main aim now is to tackle any remaining scars and to keep my spots at bay.

Even though I have managed to reduce my anxiety/stress, I still get flare ups due to having an oily complexion. I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect treatment for my skin and I think I may have found it! I’ve only been for one session so far, however, my skin has cleared up a hell of a lot already which is why I thought I’d provide you with more information because I’m certain you’ll love the benefits too.



















Have you ever heard of Microdermabrasion? I had heard of the term before but I didn’t really know anything about it until recently. Some people refer to it as a half an hour face lift, whilst others have referred to it as a half an hour miracle – I couldn’t agree enough! I decided to experience Microdermabrasion at a local salon in Weymouth, Dorset called Embrace Hair & Beauty. I was welcomed into the salon with a fresh cuppa coffee (it was early and I had just been to the gym, so I needed something to give me an energy boost). Staff at the salon couldn’t do enough for me and it was a lovely atmosphere throughout my visit. I was provided with a brochure providing me with more information about the treatment which I found really useful seeing as I didn’t really know fully what the treatment would entail.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that uses small crystals/salts to remove the dead layer of skin cells on your face as well as any dirt and excess oils. Your skin will then quickly replace any lost skin cells with new, healthy ones. The crystals are placed inside of a machine, shown in the below photo, which is then manoeuvred around your skin (exfoliation) with a small suction. The procedure does not hurt at all and it simply feels like a small amount of suction on your face. A face mask was also applied to my skin which left it feeling super soft.

Embrace Hair & Beauty will provide recommendations on when you should come back for further Microdermadrasion treatments. They have recommended I pop back over the next 2-3 weeks for a second treatment and perhaps once a month thereafter. I am already really impressed with the results of the treatment and I am looking forward to going back in the future.

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