Oh hey, Lasula!


You know I love a good online retailer who sells high quality yet affordable clothes. Too many times I’ve bought items of clothing only for them to break the minute I take them out their packaging. In the same boat?

I am not kidding you, Lasula is affordable even if you buy items at full price. Their quality is brilliant, not made out of a thin fabric where the stitching is already coming apart (like other retailers I know). What I love about Lasula is that their clothing is bang on trend everrrry season. You know you can rely on them to provide clothing that will see you right through to next season when trends change… again.

This bodysuit in a light green colour offers those perfect spring/summer vibes with it’s cold shoulder style and cross front. It’s super comfortable and has a popper fastening for easy on/off. It’s ideal for both casual wear and a night on the town as it can be styled with almost anything!

I also decided to try their ‘Stone Tie Sleeve Duster Coat’ because it’s another item that can be worn for glamorous casual wear as well as a stunning night out option. I’m always looking for some kind of jacket/coat to layer over the top and this is definitely the perfect choice. It comes in other colours too so I may need to splash out on a couple more of these 🙂 Their natural colours mean they go well with anything, all year round.

I am very lucky to have been given a generous 24% discount code for all my readers to use should they see something they like at Lasula 🙂 It couldn’t get much better than that, hey?

So, why not make the most of it? I sure am! The code to use is ‘ABBYB24’



The new Daniel Wellington watch range!


Long time no speak… I really need to stop leaving it so long. My life is literally jam packed everyday, I need to sort out my routine and fit in more blog posts. My life literally consists of waking up, getting ready, walking the dog, going to work, coming home, walking the dog, cooking tea, going to bed, repeat. I really want to focus more on my blogging so I am promising myself that that is what’s going to happen from now on. Ain’t nothing gunna stop me.

Anyhow… Have you seen the new range from Daniel Wellington? You know how much of a fan I am of their watch collection and their latest range is just the best. I loveeee this rose gold Classic Petite watch and the detail is stunning.

Rose gold is everything right now, and so are Daniel Wellington watches. Combine the two and you really do get everything!

I just love to style this watch with a simple, yet stylish outfit combination because it really makes the watch stand out. It is subtle yet eye catching because of it’s gorgeous colour and design. This watch makes the perfect gift for someone special, including yourself. <3

I am so happy that I am able to offer you guys a 15% off discount code for your online Daniel Wellington purchase. Simply enter, ‘ABBYDW15’ at checkout to save £££

This watch comes in a lovely box and is packaged up securely. It has an adjustable strap to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. I love this watch because not only does it look great on, but it makes the perfect accessory for my dresser. It is available in other colour variations and styles, so why not check them out?

The transformation of our new home


I’m so sorry I have been inactive on my blog for the last few weeks. You’re all probably aware that we got the keys to our new house on the 1st February and we worked solidly for a whole month on redecorating the entire place. We’ve also been acquiring furniture and making our new house a home. So, I thought I’d put together a post on the transformation for you all to see.

The day we collected the keys was the day the madness began. Ben and I were both excited, nervous and exhausted at the thought of the work we had in store for us after taking one step through the front door. The house was disgustingly dirty and the more cupboards and rooms we went into, the worse it got. There were loads of dead flies in one of the bedrooms, dog poo everywhere in the garden, there was years worth of food left stuck in the oven, mouldy food in the drawers, layers of dust on top of the cupboards and broken appliances. It took away the excitement we had for the place and to be honest, I was dreading moving in. I just wanted to hand back the keys from day one.

The first week we spent ripping vents out of the walls, sanding down and we even hired cleaners to clean the kitchen. Here are some photos from the start of our journey to making our house a home…

We would wake up at 7am and head straight over to the house, then we wouldn’t leave until evening. We did that daily for the first week until we had to go back to work. We would then go to the house straight after work until late. We had a lot of fun but it was also hard work.

Since week 1, we have redecorated the house from top to bottom, carpeted the whole of upstairs, painted furniture plus the banister, paid to have the roof, windows and gutters cleaned, had a new fuse board installed, and even adopted a puppy! 🙂

We had quite a scary moment a couple of weeks into it as we heard loud bangs coming from the kitchen. We weren’t sure what it was at first and thought for a second it could be the fridge. We unplugged the fridge, but the loud sparks still happened and they would light up the kitchen. We had to phone an emergency electrician who found some bodged wires from behind the washing machine. The previous owner had taped some wires together and we were told we were lucky it didn’t do more damage. At the time we thought we may have had to have the whole house rewired, but we’re lucky we don’t. If you’re looking to buy a house then PLEASE get an electrical report done. We didn’t realise you needed it and presumed that because we had paid over £400 on a Structural Survey, issues like this would have been picked up… But they weren’t.

Anyway, we’ve come a long way in just under 2 months and here are some photos of our home so far…

We’re still a long way off finishing the place, however, it’s a million times better than what is was 2 months ago. Keep an eye on my Instagram for regular house updates and also to find out where I bought our furniture and accessories. If you have any tips or recommendations then pleaseeee get in touch! As you can tell, I love grey & white! (LOL)

Oh yeah, here’s a cute pic of our new puppy. His name is Dylan 🙂 We’re not sure of his breed as he is a rescue dog, but we believe he is around 5 months old. We think he has a bit of German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Doberman in him.. Maybe even a fraction of Collie? We’re hoping to do a DNA test soon. He’s good as gold, sometimes a little cheeky but he picks up new tricks really well! He’s definitely helped make our house a home and we couldn’t imagine life without him now.



My experience with lip fillers using Restylane

Hey everyone and a HAPPY New Year <3

Lip fillers are becoming increasingly popular and they are also becoming more affordable. I’ve decided to put together a blog post on my experience with lip fillers because if you’re like me, you read up on then horror stories which puts you off getting them done. I love the look of fuller lips that look natural and aren’t OTT. I’ve had a couple of experiences in the past of lip fillers and I only had a very small amount put in so the difference was barely noticeable. I would recommend doing it that way so you can gradually build up the size to how you like them rather than crazy on your first go because it does change the way you look… massively!

My first experiences with lip fillers was in the summer when I had them done in Essex. I only had a small amount and it was mainly to my top lip to help make both my top and bottom lip equal. I had numbing cream so it was pretty much pain free (apart from a slight prick of the needle going in). Prices for lip fillers in Essex seemed to be a lot cheaper than in the South West of England where I live, however, it cost a lot in transport costs so I decided to look for some more local to me. Here is a before and after photo of my first experience with lip fillers. I had 1ml Juvederm injected into my top lip and a small amount in my bottom lip. Please bare in mind that my lips were still swollen in the after photo as the photo was taken that evening.

Here is a photo that I had taken once the swelling had gone down, 1/2 weeks post injections. All swelling had disappeared and my lips were looking more natural again yet slightly fuller in comparison to my lips before the treatment.

3/4 months had passed and I found someone in my local area who did mobile lip fillers… Perfect! Her name is Lisa and her company is called Lips and Faces Aesthetics. Her prices are affordable so it saves me having to travel across the country to get them done each time. Her services are very convenient because although she is based near Poole in Dorset (about a 30-40 minute drive from me), she travels to clients houses to conduct treatments. She also has over 10 years experience and I had seen lots of client reviews online so decided to contact her.

Two weeks ago I went to Lisa’s house to have 1ml Restylane injected in my top and bottom lip. It costs £150 for 1ml, £200 for 1.5ml and £240 for 2mls. It depends on what outcome you want as to which amount you go for, however, I find that 1ml is perfect for me. You do have the option of numbing cream which I personally would recommend having although it does take around half an hour to completely numb your lips. Having the injections without numbing cream is bearable but it is quite uncomfortable, so if you’re not great with injections on the best of days then I would suggest going for the numbing cream. I had more injections in my upper lip again compared to my lower lip. Lisa also provides a list of things to do after the treatment has been conducted which helps with swelling and the maintenance of the fillers in your lips.

Restylane itself is a gel like substance which needs to be massaged in your lips to spread it out. This helps to prevent any ‘lumps’  forming which you can sometimes feel. Lisa showed me how to massage them in and the technique is easy, it’s just like massaging a piece of blue tack.

A few hours after my treatment I had a bath and started to massage my top lip. I’m not sure if I should have done this so early after the treatment because that night I did experience some noticeable swelling. I panicked and read up about the swelling online which reassured me that this swelling is completely normal and is nothing to worry about. I also messaged Lisa who helped advise me on what to do, such as apply an ice pack to the area every half an hour and take Ibuprofen. Sleeping with your head upright on a pillow also helps as I found that my lips would look more swollen in the mornings. This swelling after the treatment is completely normal and most of the swelling went down after 2 days but all swelling had completely gone after 1 week.

Here is a photo of the swelling a few hours after:

Now that the swelling has completely gone down I am in love with the result! If you live in the south-west of England, I would totally recommend Lisa. She offers a variety of treatments, not just lip fillers. It’s so convenient that she can come to your house to carry out the treatment because I struggled to find somewhere in my town that did them. Whilst speaking with Lisa she also mentioned that she goes as far as Weston Super-Mare to carry out treatments! It was nice to have the treatment carried out by someone that provided great aftercare advice when I needed it. Even during the treatment, Lisa understood that I was nervous so explained everything to me and gave me a class of water to calm my nerves.

Here is a photo 1 week after the treatment:

So, 2 weeks ago today I had 1ml Restylane injected into my top and bottom lip. I am still extremely happy with the results and will definitely be using Lisa’s services again in the future. I may go for my next top up in around 4 months time because you will find that your lips will reduce in size after a few months. Here is a photo that I took today:

Here are the links to Lips and Faces Aesthetics on social media so you can see some other before and after photos taken by other clients:

Instagram <3

Facebook <3



My favourite Nouveau Lashes products


Sorry I’ve been pretty in active this month due to life taking over… again! I promised I wouldn’t but it really has just been pretty crazy. Ben and I are in the process of buying a house which all started happening pretty quickly because weren’t going to start looking until the New Year. I’ve been focusing on that because as they say, it’s one of the biggest things you’ll have to do in life so I thought I’d better give it a lot of my attention. Secondly, I work for a footwear retailer and it’s our busiest time of year (obviously), so by the time I get home plus the dark evenings mean my mind thinks it’s bedtime by 5pm.

ANYHOO, enough of the excuses… You are all fully aware of my love for Nouveau Lashes products, I’m sure, so here is a post on product reviews. I’m going to briefly outline my top products from Nouveau Lashes so hopefully it will help you in deciding whether the products are right for you.

So, I’m kicking this off with their AMAZING strip lashes. Honestly, they are the best strip lashes I have ever tried, and i’ve tried a fair few brands searching for the right ones for me. Sometimes I find strip lashes weigh my eyes down or itch my eyes. I also were contact lenses so sometimes, strip lashes can irritate them. Nouveau Lashes strip lashes are perfect, they’re super lightweight and aren’t OTT looking. I tend to trim off a small amount in the centre so that they don’t irritate the inner corners and they stay on ALL day, especially with Nouveau Lashes strip glue.

They have a variety of different style lashes and I love their natural range which is ideal for everyday wear. Their lashes can also be worn multiple times so will definitely save you money in the long run.

This is the Nouveau Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive which works like magic. If you’re looking for a lash glue that is kind to your lashes, lasts all day but is easy to remove in the evening and doesn’t cost a fortune, then this is the one to go for… seriously! It is water and sweat resistant so can be used to hold your lashes in place during the summer months or whilst you’re on your summer holidays. You really won’t have to worry about your lashes coming off with this product.

Are you looking for a product that will help your natural lashes to grow super long and thick? I’ve been using Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum for a few months now and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference. My lashes were so short and thin due to me wearing clump lashes with harsh glue for well over a year, but now, my lashes are back to how they used to be, if not longer thanks so this serum… It’s a god send! I only apply it to my lashes in the evenings before I go to bed and already after 3/4 months my lashes are lovely and long. I’ve also recently had an LVL treatment with Nouveau Lashes which helps to curl your lashes, making them look beautiful and long.

Are you looking for the perfect product to remove your eye make-up at the end of a long day? A small amount of this product goes a long way and it doesn’t sting your eyes either. Sometimes it can be a tough job removing mascara/eyeliner and this product ensures that 100% of your make up is removed. It is a gel like substance and leaves your eyes feeling fresh. I absolutely love it and use it as part of my daily make up removal routine.

I hope you guys found this post useful, however, if you have any questions that you’d like to ask then please leave me a comment. Which are your favourite beauty products? I love to hear what you think. <3