My Lip Filler Experience


As you probs know, I have been getting lip fillers for around 1 year now. I usually get them topped up every 4 months, however, this time I have tried a new lip filler product called Juvederm Volift. I decided to try this product because I have previously read reviews which state that it has long lasting effects.

Of course, I worry about going too far with lip fillers, but Juvederm is by far the best lip filler product I have tried as it’s results are extremely natural and I experience very minimal, if not no lumpy bits of filler in my lips. I have also read that the results can last up to 15 months, so I won’t need to get them topped up so often. I read the following online about Juvederm Volift at Dr Dan Dhunna, ‘If you’re looking for more Volume and a poutier look, Juvederm Volift may be your option. Nicknamed “Liquid Gold” for its 24 karat results, Juvederm Volift is more viscous but just as long lasting,however it is still so fine it can be injected out of the finest needle to produce the most glamourous lips on the planet!’

So a week and a half ago I visited a local beauty salon called ‘Pretty Bland‘. It’s a fairly new but well known salon where I live and is absolutely beautiful inside. I met a lady called Karen there who was very welcoming. She began by sitting me down whilst she explained all about the treatment. She also asked me to sign a form and she took some before photos of my lips for my records.

Here is a photo of my lips before the treatment.

I had lots of questions to ask like ‘will there be much swelling?’, ‘do you do this full time?’ etc. Obviously it’s natural to be a bit nervous when you get your lips done for the first time or even if you’re getting them done by someone new. Karen was so lovely and answered all of my questions. She also explained that she is a qualified nurse as well as a therapist and so that made me feel more at ease.

The treatment itself didn’t take very long at all. I would say around 15-20 minutes. My lips were numb from the numbing gel she had applied to the lip area. I won’t lie, you can still feel the needle go in, but I find that closing my eyes and taking a deep breath in through my nose whilst the needle is injected really does help. The product itself was evenly spread throughout my lips and Karen massaged them after she had finished injecting.

A photo of my lips a couple of hours after the treatment.

That evening I experienced very slight swelling and bruising around my lips. I tend to hibernate for the following 24 hours whilst the worst of the swelling goes down. To help the swelling go down, I wrapped some ice in a flannel and gently held it to my lips for 10 minutes every half hour or so as well as sleeping with my head elevated. I kept away from drinking hot drinks for the first 24-48 hours in case the heat enhanced the swelling. I was surprised at how minor my swelling was, so it was great! The swelling lasted around 4-5 days and went down noticeably each day.

A photo of my lips 24 hours after the treatment

One week later and my swelling had completely gone down. I always find that my lips look slightly swollen first thing in the morning, but I love that look! Do you get that?

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Anyways, if you’re looking to get lip fillers then I honestly could not recommend Karen enough. She is Weymouth/Portland based and you can find her by visiting the following links. She offers a wide range of fillers/botox treatments and her treatments are done to such a high quality. I will definitely be returning in the future because I am really impressed with my results.

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My favourite Nouveau Lashes products


Sorry I’ve been pretty in active this month due to life taking over… again! I promised I wouldn’t but it really has just been pretty crazy. Ben and I are in the process of buying a house which all started happening pretty quickly because weren’t going to start looking until the New Year. I’ve been focusing on that because as they say, it’s one of the biggest things you’ll have to do in life so I thought I’d better give it a lot of my attention. Secondly, I work for a footwear retailer and it’s our busiest time of year (obviously), so by the time I get home plus the dark evenings mean my mind thinks it’s bedtime by 5pm.

ANYHOO, enough of the excuses… You are all fully aware of my love for Nouveau Lashes products, I’m sure, so here is a post on product reviews. I’m going to briefly outline my top products from Nouveau Lashes so hopefully it will help you in deciding whether the products are right for you.

So, I’m kicking this off with their AMAZING strip lashes. Honestly, they are the best strip lashes I have ever tried, and i’ve tried a fair few brands searching for the right ones for me. Sometimes I find strip lashes weigh my eyes down or itch my eyes. I also were contact lenses so sometimes, strip lashes can irritate them. Nouveau Lashes strip lashes are perfect, they’re super lightweight and aren’t OTT looking. I tend to trim off a small amount in the centre so that they don’t irritate the inner corners and they stay on ALL day, especially with Nouveau Lashes strip glue.

They have a variety of different style lashes and I love their natural range which is ideal for everyday wear. Their lashes can also be worn multiple times so will definitely save you money in the long run.

This is the Nouveau Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive which works like magic. If you’re looking for a lash glue that is kind to your lashes, lasts all day but is easy to remove in the evening and doesn’t cost a fortune, then this is the one to go for… seriously! It is water and sweat resistant so can be used to hold your lashes in place during the summer months or whilst you’re on your summer holidays. You really won’t have to worry about your lashes coming off with this product.

Are you looking for a product that will help your natural lashes to grow super long and thick? I’ve been using Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum for a few months now and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference. My lashes were so short and thin due to me wearing clump lashes with harsh glue for well over a year, but now, my lashes are back to how they used to be, if not longer thanks so this serum… It’s a god send! I only apply it to my lashes in the evenings before I go to bed and already after 3/4 months my lashes are lovely and long. I’ve also recently had an LVL treatment with Nouveau Lashes which helps to curl your lashes, making them look beautiful and long.

Are you looking for the perfect product to remove your eye make-up at the end of a long day? A small amount of this product goes a long way and it doesn’t sting your eyes either. Sometimes it can be a tough job removing mascara/eyeliner and this product ensures that 100% of your make up is removed. It is a gel like substance and leaves your eyes feeling fresh. I absolutely love it and use it as part of my daily make up removal routine.

I hope you guys found this post useful, however, if you have any questions that you’d like to ask then please leave me a comment. Which are your favourite beauty products? I love to hear what you think. <3



LVL Lash Treatment – Before and After <3

2 years of harsh eyelash glue has really damaged my natural lashes, so I’ve been using a conditioning serum to help my lashes recover. I’ve also had an LVL lash treatment on my natural lashes and here are my results…


So, being a beauty blogger means I have a strong addiction towards pretty lashes. This addiction has resulted in me applying clump lashes with strong ass glue non stop for the last 2 years. My lashes used to have a slight curl before this addiction and they would also be so long that they touched the bottoms of my eyebrows when I looked up to the sky (oh the memories!). Ok, so my lashes definitely weren’t the longest but they were still pretty decent now that I look back on them.

Anyways, me being me, I wasn’t happy with what I had so I decided to apply clump lashes every couple of weeks to make my lashes look thicker and perhaps slightly longer too. I never wanted them to look ridiculously long so I just wore short false lashes but they really helped to make my eyes stand out and from there my addiction began. The problem with the harsh glue was that when I was removing the sets of lashes after 2-3 weeks it would pull out some of my natural lashes, leaving me with gaps. The false lashes were also heavy on my natural lashes so now they’re almost dead straight! Here are some photos of my natural lashes before I had my LVL treatment: Continue reading “LVL Lash Treatment – Before and After <3”

LullaBellz Hair Extensions <3

I’ve found it so much easier having shorter hair. It’s easy to wash, easy to style and feels amazing. Having said that, there are days where I miss having long hair that I can do anything with. I love having long hair for nights out and for special occasions so these clip in hair extensions from LullaBellz are perfect! 🙂

Hey Readers!

Around a year ago I made the brave decision to chop my hair off short. I really wanted my hair to feel thick and healthy again. I’ve found it so much easier having shorter hair. It’s easy to wash, easy to style and feels amazing. Having said that, there are days where I miss having long hair that I can do anything with. I love having long hair for nights out and for special occasions so these clip in hair extensions from LullaBellz are perfect! 🙂

You could spend so much money on hair extensions that you then have to curl yourself everyday. These extensions from LullaBellz are already curled and stay curly 24/7. They’re easy to apply and comfortable to wear all evening long. They don’t cost a fortune either! The set that I am styling in this post costs just £25 and is LullaBellz ‘Super Thick 250g 8 Piece Curly Hair Extensions’ and you can receive 10% off with code ABBY10

The photo on the left is my natural hair. It’s quite short, not very thick and pretty lifeless. The photo on the right is my hair after putting in my clip in LullaBellz extensions. I absolutely love how thick and long they make my hair. They’re perfect for a night out and so easy to take out before going to bed. Continue reading “LullaBellz Hair Extensions <3”

My Favourite Beauty Products – Summer 2016

I know I usually post on Sundays but this week I’m feeling motivated. I’ve decided I want to try and post more frequently and invest more time in sharing product reviews on my blog. So what better way to start than with a ‘Summer favourites’? 🙂

WOW! A mid week post.. Am I feeling ok? 

I know I usually post on Sundays but this week I’m feeling motivated. I’ve decided I want to try and post more frequently and invest more time in sharing product reviews on my blog. So what better way to start than with a ‘Summer favourites’? 🙂


One day I went up to the counter in Superdrug to buy a few bits and the lady said to me, ‘Are you interested in any of our latest offers? Micellar Cleansing Water for just £1’ I had always walked past this product and never really thought to buy it. I’m so glad that I decided to give this product a try because it has become my new faveeee! I definitely recommend trying it because it’s perfect for keeping on your dressing table.

Whenever my face feels a bit sweaty/grubby in the morning or before bed I apply some of this product to a cotton pad and gently give my face a wipe. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and what’s great is its perfect for all skin types. Continue reading “My Favourite Beauty Products – Summer 2016”