My Lip Filler Experience


As you probs know, I have been getting lip fillers for around 1 year now. I usually get them topped up every 4 months, however, this time I have tried a new lip filler product called Juvederm Volift. I decided to try this product because I have previously read reviews which state that it has long lasting effects.

Of course, I worry about going too far with lip fillers, but Juvederm is by far the best lip filler product I have tried as it’s results are extremely natural and I experience very minimal, if not no lumpy bits of filler in my lips. I have also read that the results can last up to 15 months, so I won’t need to get them topped up so often. I read the following online about Juvederm Volift at Dr Dan Dhunna, ‘If you’re looking for more Volume and a poutier look, Juvederm Volift may be your option. Nicknamed “Liquid Gold” for its 24 karat results, Juvederm Volift is more viscous but just as long lasting,however it is still so fine it can be injected out of the finest needle to produce the most glamourous lips on the planet!’

So a week and a half ago I visited a local beauty salon called ‘Pretty Bland‘. It’s a fairly new but well known salon where I live and is absolutely beautiful inside. I met a lady called Karen there who was very welcoming. She began by sitting me down whilst she explained all about the treatment. She also asked me to sign a form and she took some before photos of my lips for my records.

Here is a photo of my lips before the treatment.

I had lots of questions to ask like ‘will there be much swelling?’, ‘do you do this full time?’ etc. Obviously it’s natural to be a bit nervous when you get your lips done for the first time or even if you’re getting them done by someone new. Karen was so lovely and answered all of my questions. She also explained that she is a qualified nurse as well as a therapist and so that made me feel more at ease.

The treatment itself didn’t take very long at all. I would say around 15-20 minutes. My lips were numb from the numbing gel she had applied to the lip area. I won’t lie, you can still feel the needle go in, but I find that closing my eyes and taking a deep breath in through my nose whilst the needle is injected really does help. The product itself was evenly spread throughout my lips and Karen massaged them after she had finished injecting.

A photo of my lips a couple of hours after the treatment.

That evening I experienced very slight swelling and bruising around my lips. I tend to hibernate for the following 24 hours whilst the worst of the swelling goes down. To help the swelling go down, I wrapped some ice in a flannel and gently held it to my lips for 10 minutes every half hour or so as well as sleeping with my head elevated. I kept away from drinking hot drinks for the first 24-48 hours in case the heat enhanced the swelling. I was surprised at how minor my swelling was, so it was great! The swelling lasted around 4-5 days and went down noticeably each day.

A photo of my lips 24 hours after the treatment

One week later and my swelling had completely gone down. I always find that my lips look slightly swollen first thing in the morning, but I love that look! Do you get that?

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Anyways, if you’re looking to get lip fillers then I honestly could not recommend Karen enough. She is Weymouth/Portland based and you can find her by visiting the following links. She offers a wide range of fillers/botox treatments and her treatments are done to such a high quality. I will definitely be returning in the future because I am really impressed with my results.

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LVL Lash Treatment – Before and After <3

2 years of harsh eyelash glue has really damaged my natural lashes, so I’ve been using a conditioning serum to help my lashes recover. I’ve also had an LVL lash treatment on my natural lashes and here are my results…


So, being a beauty blogger means I have a strong addiction towards pretty lashes. This addiction has resulted in me applying clump lashes with strong ass glue non stop for the last 2 years. My lashes used to have a slight curl before this addiction and they would also be so long that they touched the bottoms of my eyebrows when I looked up to the sky (oh the memories!). Ok, so my lashes definitely weren’t the longest but they were still pretty decent now that I look back on them.

Anyways, me being me, I wasn’t happy with what I had so I decided to apply clump lashes every couple of weeks to make my lashes look thicker and perhaps slightly longer too. I never wanted them to look ridiculously long so I just wore short false lashes but they really helped to make my eyes stand out and from there my addiction began. The problem with the harsh glue was that when I was removing the sets of lashes after 2-3 weeks it would pull out some of my natural lashes, leaving me with gaps. The false lashes were also heavy on my natural lashes so now they’re almost dead straight! Here are some photos of my natural lashes before I had my LVL treatment: Continue reading “LVL Lash Treatment – Before and After <3”